Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal

Some asbestos removal tasks involving lower risk asbestos-containing materials do not require a licence. The level of exposure to asbestos from this type of work is not expected to present a significant risk to health, provided the correct precautions are taken. It is important to note that although removal of some products is classed as non-licensed asbestos removal, works must still be carried out by suitably trained and qualified asbestos operatives such as HAS, utilising the RPE & PPE.

HAS are able to advise you and are able to undertake non- licensed removal in-house. We have:

Fully trained asbestos removal operatives

Fully trained asbestos contract managers – Meet the team.

Experience of carrying out removal of non-licensable products such as cement, vinyl and bakelite products

Products which are usually considered non-licensed normally include asbestos cement, asbestos textured coatings, asbestos floor tiles, asbestos textiles and asbestos composites.