Emergency Environmental Clean – Exeter

Hereford Asbestos Services recently carried out an emergency asbestos removal at Royal Clarence Hotel in Exeter. Unfortunately, the hotel also considered the oldest hotel in the UK, recently caught fire which exposed some licensed asbestos containing materials. An emergency removal, in the form of an environmental clean, took place over 30 SQ. metres of the bar and stairwell areas to clear the asbestos insulation debris prior to the demolition works.

To begin with the operatives segregated the working area with barrier tape and warning signage before they constructed full transit routes to allow clean passage from the DCU to the area of works. The debris was removed under semi controlled conditions with a combined air and bag lock for primary decontamination. Due to fire damage the air lock was constructed to stand alone as it would have been unsecure if sealed to the building, daily checks were then carried out on all equipment including RPE.

During the asbestos removal operatives first spray the debris with a mixture to dampen the material and prevent fibres spreading. All the larger debris pieces and items that cannot be cleaned are then placed into specialist waste bags and cleared before operatives then vacuum and wipe down the area to clear all remaining asbestos fibres.
Once the removal has finished a visual test and re-assurance air test are then carried out by an independent analyst to ensure the area is free from asbestos fibres.

HAS will be back on site in 2017 to assist the demolition contractor in undertaking the controlled demolition of the building. HAS will provide supervision and expertise on all asbestos matters to ensure the site is cleared safely.

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